District-sponsored Teacher Forums

Approximately half of the state's school districts participate in local and/or regional Teacher Forums led by local District Teachers of the Year. Each district forum takes on a unique identity and deals with educational issues such as: sponsoring district-wide educational showcases, work with school boards and administrators to address district needs, sponsor teacher leadership academies, sponsor teacher recognition activities, and network and inform fellow teachers through newsletters or other means of communication. Current District Teachers of the Year form the State Teacher Forum which is led by the reigning State Teacher of the Year. In 2014-2015, Jennifer Ainsworth, a special education teacher from Socastee High School from Horry County, will lead the State Teacher Forum. 

The following districts have active Teacher Forums:


 Anderson 1

 Anderson 2

 Anderson 3

 Anderson 4

 Anderson 5

 Barnwell 19

 Barnwell 29








 Clarendon 1

 Clarendon 3



 Dillon 4

 Dorchester 2

 Dorchester 4



 Florence 1

 Florence 4



 Greenwood 50

 Greenwood 52

 Hampton 1

 Hampton 2





 Laurens 55


 Lexington 1

 Lexington 2 

 Lexington 3

 Lexington 4

 Lexington 5   






 Orangeburg 3

 Orangeburg 4 

 Orangeburg 5


 Richland 1

 Richland 2


 SC Charter

 Spartanburg 2

 Spartanburg 5

 Spartanburg 6

 Spartanburg 7 




 York 1

 York 2

 York 3

 York 4



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