NB Candidate Support Workshops

New National Board Information

The NB certification process is currently under revision. According to NBPTS, the revised process consists of four components as described below.

Component One, Content Knowledge, will be a computer-based assessment designed to allow the candidate to demonstrate content specific knowledge as well as pedagogical practices. This component will contain three constructed-response exercises (each 30 minutes in length) and 45 selected response items (60 minutes allotted).  

Component Two, Differentiated Instruction, requires the completion of a classroom-based portfolio comprised of examples of student work and an accompanying written commentary. The included student work samples should demonstrate students’ growth over time. The written commentary should demonstrate the teacher’s ability to analyze his/her own instructional practices.

Component Three, Teaching Practice and Classroom Environment, is currently under development.

Component Four, Effective and Reflective Practitioner, is currently under development.  

Candidates are encouraged to read the 2014 Guide to National Board Certification.

Highlights of the “New” System

  • NBPTS will only release two modules in 2014-2015.  An additional module will be released in 2015-2016, and the final module in 2016-2017. This means that it will take teachers a minimum of three years to certify during the roll-out of the “new” system.
  • Beginning in 2016-2017, NBPTS will have all four modules available and teachers could certify in one year. 
  • Instructions for components one and two will be released in October 2014.  

NBPTS will continue to emphasize:

  • National Board Standards
  • Five Core Propositions
  • Architecture of Accomplished Teaching
  • A performance-based, peer-review model
  • Content knowledge and commitment to student learning

For more information visit the National Board Certification website.  

National Board Field Tests

Be a pioneer for the teaching profession

There’s a reason teachers who go through the process of becoming Board certified call it “transformative.” Not only are there tangible career benefits, but teachers learn to become even more effective in the classroom. The National Board is updating the certification process to work even better for educators.

The National Board is recruiting teachers, as well as undergraduate and graduate students seeking a teaching license, to participate in field tests of the new efficient and affordable National Board certification process. This is a great opportunity to help shape the future of the teaching profession and experience a sample of the process that thousands of teachers have called transformative.

National Board Certification is the profession’s highest mark of accomplished teaching – performance-based and peer-reviewed. The revisions will make the certification process more flexible, affordable and efficient so that many more teachers and students can benefit. National Board Certified Teachers as well as teachers who have not yet achieved certification are invited to apply for the field tests.

As a token of thanks for their time, participants will also be eligible to receive up to two Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or up to $50 in gift cards for either Amazon.com or Powell's Books. All participants will also receive a letter of commendation from the National Board.

For those not currently Board certified, participating in a field test will provide an inside look into the process at no cost. 

Board-certified teachers can participate in one or more field tests to gain first-hand experience with the revisions. Participation in a field test also provides a professional learning opportunity which could be used to document how teachers are members of learning communities. Help us make certification a process that works for you.

Get started today and learn more by visiting NBPTS.org.


National Board Awareness and Support Sessions:

National Board Awareness - Are you interested in learning more about the new National Board process? If so, this session is for you. During our time together we will discuss the requirements of the process, the current legislation governing National Board supplements, the financial assistance available, and answer any questions you may have. 

National Board Renewal Workshop - This session is designed for NBCTs completing their 7th or 8th year of certification. During our time together, we will discuss the renewal process including timelines for registration and entry submission and the current legislation governing renewal.


PSTA Sponsored Trainings


SCEA Sponsored Trainings

The SCEA will host a National Board Support Session on Saturday, January 30th. The workshop will include a support session detailing Components 2 and 3, helpful tips for the assessment center (Component 1), a keynote speech from Elizabeth Edwards (Director for Outreach and Enagement for NBPTS), and a legislative update. The support session will be held at The SCEA headquarters at 421 Zimalcrest Drive in Columbia. The workshop begins at 10:00 and will conclude by 3:00. To register, please visit www.thescea.org and click on the SCEA National Board Support Session link. The cost is $15 for members and $35 for potential members. Please contact Tyra Goines at 803-551-4138 for more information.























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