In response to the Education and Economic Development Act of 2005, schools across South Carolina are now beginning to have a renewed interest in ProTeam, which includes curriculum-based instruction geared to make students aware of the possibilities of a choosing a career in education. To get more information about beginning this program at your middle school, please contact Marcella Wine-Snyder at 800-476-2387.


  1. to make students who exhibit the potential for success aware of the skills needed to complete college and consider education as a viable career option, and

  2. to expand the pool of minority and male teachers available to the public schools of South Carolina.

Fact: South Carolina and the nation face an acute shortage of minority and male teachers, as well as academically talented students who are interested in teaching as a career.


The ProTeam Program aims to interest middle school students in the education profession before they become "turned off" to the possibility of a career in teaching. Positive learning experiences and role models are essential to the Program's success.

Piloted in twenty middle schools in 1989-90, the ProTeam Program has served more than 15,300 South Carolina students since its inception. CERRA continues to see a resurgence of interest in the ProTeam Program as middle schools increasingly recognize the importance of expanding the pool of available teachers for the future. During the 2013-14 school year, 742 students completed the Program, which was offered in 25 South Carolina middle schools. These figures represent a 23% increase from the number of students served during the 2012-13 school year and the addition of six new sites. Of the 742 students, 38.3% are males and 39.1% are non-white students. Eighteen of the 25 sites are located in a Geographic Critical Need School, as determined by the State Board of Education. The number of sites has steadily increased over the past five years, and four new sites and three returning sites have been added for the 2014-15 school year. Furthermore, the ProTeam curriculum has now been implemented in six other states. CERRA’marketing efforts continue to focus on high need schools, and CERRA continues to analyze data to determine the long-term effectiveness of the ProTeam Program in attracting males and minorities into the education profession.

DreamQuest, the program's curriculum, introduces education as a career choice and meshes with EEDA legislation that requires all South Carolina students to be exposed to identified career clusters. The standards outlined in DreamQuest, match the Making Middle Grades Work comprehensive improvement framework. The ProTeam curriculum standards are closely aligned with the key principles of Making Middle Grades Work, an initiative of the Southern Regional Education Board.

ProTeam provides a semester or year-long hands-on course with student driven activities that create opportunities for students to grow as learners.
The course focuses on the following areas:

  • self-discovery
  • cooperative group work
  • service learning
  • goal-setting
  • career exploration
  • family involvement
  • teaching-like experiences

The Benefits of ProTeam

Eligibility Requirements for ProTeam, the middle school program:

  • 7th and/or 8th graders
  • Top 40% of current grade level
  • Positive recommendations from current teachers
  • Disposition or potential for post-secondary education


The DreamQuest curriculum is designed to help students set realistic goals for the future that include the steps to prepare for successful completion of high school and college. It includes an emphasis on career development competencies.  The ProTeam program can be considered the beginning course in the Education and Training career cluster model. 

The DreamQuest curriculum has seven modules. Each module has required components as well as optional ones. Family involvement activities have been infused throughout the curriculum.

Module One: I Can Self-Reflect

Students will evaluate themselves as individuals and identify their roles in society.

Module Two: I Can Communicate

Students will examine the characteristics of effective communication.

Module Three: I Can Be Different

Students will analyze the impact of personal and group differences on the school setting.

Module Four: I Can Think Positively

Students will think more positively about their home and school relationships, their education, and their future.

Module Five: I Can Teach Others

Students will recognize the characteristics of effective teaching.

Module Six: I Can Make Decisions

Students will determine how wise decision making impacts their futures.

Module Seven: I Can Plan for a Successful Future

Students will establish viable goals, including attending and graduating from college.

Middle schools are encouraged to offer a ProTeam Club as a follow-up to the class as a means of keeping students involved in teacher-like activities and on the right path to success in high school and college. Club sponsors are encouraged to use optional activities from the curriculum at the club meetings.

Also includes:

  • College campus visits
  • Educational conferences
  • Information about high school requirements
  • Emphasis on service learning and family involvement
  • Interaction with younger students in teacher-like activities

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